High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

I’m messing with your mind and publishing on Thursday. Why? Because you don’t read on the weekend. You skydive, lift weights, and butcher whole hogs. Duh. This week: sleep better, boycott boring brands, immortal jellyfish, quitting email in 1991, and, oh, your iPhone makes you a senseless egomaniac like the rest of us.

Write this down: you snore!

Ever thought of keeping a sleep diary and letting your iPhone listen to you snore? Apparently it’ll help get you more bang for your zzz’s.

Read: The Secret to Getting More (and Better) Sleep | Inc.com

Who drinks pepsi? The soulless, that’s who. Jacko did too, I think.

Shared purpose between a brand/product and its customers. Hmmm. Instead of being marketed at, a few brands are marketing with their customers. Pay special attention to the brand missions/visions themselves, and tell me which products you’d rather buy.

Read: Purpose is Good. Shared Purpose is Better – Mark Bonchek – Harvard Business Review

Jellyfish that grow up, then down. Then up. Then down. 4eva.

Screw vampires. These tiny jellyfish really live forever. Unless you eat them or squish them between your fingers.

Read: Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality? – NYTimes.com

The man who quit email. In 1990.

I didn’t even know email existed in the 80’s. Let alone frustration with a crowded inbox. This programming professor (emeritus) at Stanford shunned email back in 1990 after using already for 15 years. And. He hates hyphens. The man has opinions.

Read: Knuth versus Email

2-for-1: Your iPhone is making your ego fat. It’s also making you useless to your real friends.

Everyone around me is staring into a glowing rectangle right now. I’m staring into two. What’s interesting about it is … uh, hold on, lemme just check-in to this Corner Bakery here, let my peeps know what’s fresh.

Read: The Internet ‘Narcissism Epidemic’ – Bill Davidow – The Atlantic

Read: Your Phone vs. Your Heart – NYTimes.com