We don’t do book clubs. We do chain gangs.

We’re not calling it a book club. No, no. We’re calling it a chain gang. The We Are Mammoth team collectively recalled there was life before Game of Thrones, and it was littered with books. Beautiful, tangible literature one can hold in hand. So we’re embarking on reading some of them together. Once a month.

Read it and give it away

Every month, we choose a new book. We read it and talk about it as a group. About half way through the month, we choose what we’re reading next and order it. About a quarter of the team prefers Kindle versions, which leaves 15 crisp, genuine, hard copies sitting around the office.

Here’s where it gets sorta interesting: we’re giving the books away. If you’d like to pick up a free copy of a book that the team just read, holler at us on twitter, and come pick it up at our office.

We’ll tweet what we’re reading at the beginning of the month (except April, doh!), and the first ones to tweet us back can stop by the office and pick up a free copy while we have ’em to give.

Under two conditions. You write your name, twitter name, and date inside the front-cover. After you’re done, you give it away and tweet it at #bookchaingang.

What are we reading in April?

This month, we’re reading “Zingerman’s guide to giving great service“. It’s a short, simply-written book which thus far everyone appears to be enjoying.

Want to join the chain gang?

Join us. Holler at us on Twitter or here and watch for monthly updates on what we’re reading. If you’ve got suggestions on good books, we’re all eyes and ears, too. We’ll set up a Hangout each month when we do our talks which you can join. Of course, if you’re in Chicago, come on by the office.