The Founder Forge: A business workshop for founders


Together with Starter League, we’re hosting a one-day workshop on May 17th called “Building A Business That Lasts”. It’s the main event of a series called The Founder Forge which we’re holding for founders of small, growing tech businesses, giving them the the knowledge they need to build long-term, self-sustaining companies.

The workshop, which will be in a Starter League classroom at 1871, offers the practical, non-cerebral guidance tech and design company owners desperately need to grow their fledgling business into a functioning workplace. We don’t talk about programming, seeking investments, creating exit plans. Rather we’ll talk through the primary decisions which a growing company needs to make in the realms of business planning, legal, and managing a staff.

The way I see it, there’s enough angels hearkening every time some company gets 10 million in venture funding. I want to change that tune. There are real companies, building real products, making real money and they need a workshop like The Founder Forge to get them to the next level of being a mature, efficient company that nurtures its staff, workplace, and customers.

We have space for 30 people, and we’re making it extremely accessible at just $200, so if you’re interested, I’d love you to hop over to the Starter League website and sign up.

If you have any questions about the workshop or series, please drop a comment, or email me at