High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

This week: Don’t be a jackass, your iPhone is Cheetos, Starbucks and same-sex marriage, and never trust a website.

Advice #1: Be on time and don’t be a reckless jackass.

Someone paid a lot of money to go to grad school. All they really needed was to go to this guy’s class late. Once. He learned more than most, hopefully.

Read: NYU Business School Professor Has Mastered The Art Of Email Flaming

Advice #2: Success takes time. Be patient. Jackass.

Louis C.K. on paying your dues.

Read: Explore – Does it matter that what you’ve achieved, with…

Security isn’t something you test after launch. It’s something you plan for at the start.

With all the security breaches happening lately, this is a good perspective on making security a part of technical design at the beginning, rather than at the end when it’s already too late.

Read: Why security belongs to developers first | VentureBeat

I’m not always in the mood for coffee. But when I am … 

Howard Schultz is one person who has his ducks in a row. I think. Hopefully he set this shareholder’s ducks in a row too.

Read:  Howard Schultz to Anti-Gay-Marriage Starbucks Shareholder: ‘You Can Sell Your Shares’ – Forbes

I repeat: put down the iPhone and take a nap.

“Your iPhone acts like an endless supply of Cheetos.”

Read: Why Your iPhone Addiction Is Snuffing Your Creativity | Fast Company | Business + Innovation