High-Five: The Best Reads of the Week

This week: Multiple occurrences of utter and complete lapse of reason.

WTF, not even for the kids?

Gabby Giffords writes on this week’s victory for the gun lobby.

Read: A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip – NYTimes.com

Next time you’re on an elevator, stand facing everyone else.

Even during that few seconds you’re in an elevator, you shouldn’t relax. It’s over. You’re done. Give in to the elevator pecking order.

Read: How Elevators Reveal Office Pecking Order | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

The end of an era of artists who could survive without a computer.

Disney dissociates from employees who can create cartoons by hand. Ewww, don’t your hands like get so dirty when you like, um, draw and stuff?

Read: Disney Animation Lays Off Majority of 2D Animators

Boston people

“When I heard about the 78 year old who was knocked over by the bomb blast, only to get up and finish the marathon, I thought of my parents. Because that’s what they would do. That’s the kind of people they are, and that’s the kind of people their parents were. They’re Boston people.” – Stephen O’Grady

Read:  Boston, You’re My Home — Boston Marathon 4/15 — Medium

Getting on with life which really, seriously has its low-points.

Life does go on for the lucky ones.

Read: Surprise Negativity Buster: Rituals | Inc.com