Only Grumpy Turds Say No

There are myriad opportunities everyday to say no. No to the kids. No to the clients. No to the team. No to the homeless guy on the corner. There are just as many opportunities to say yes. Yes to that great side project. Yes to the client nudging for just a bit more. Yes to the wife who needs 110% and you’ve only got 70%.

Too many noes and yesses get you into trouble. With ‘yes’, you over commit yourself and under deliver. With no, you come across as a grumpy old turd when maybe you’re just busy catching up with all those yesses.

The next time you want to scream “Noooo!!!” use a “Yesbut” instead.

A good exercise to keep you out of trouble is what I call ‘the yesbut’. The next time the client asks for one more edit to the homepage before launching and you just wanna yell “no god dammit, nooooo!”, reply “Yes, but I can’t make that happen today.” If ya sit and thinkonit for a minute, there really is never a reason to flat out refuse a request with a cold ‘no’. After all, you aren’t a grumpy old turd, you’re just playing catch up because you’re an incredibly generous human.

Carry on.