What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do

We worked on Kin for about a year. On July 10th, the world got its fingers on it and the real work began. The constant flow of support emails, testing, designing, discussing, demoing, and strategizing has left me feeling … unproductive.

I’ve been here before. Sitting at what feels like an eight-way intersection wondering which way to go. Then I run out of gas. I just sit there having made no decision to proceed this way or that.

Having a computer on fire with a perpetual list of things to do, it’s almost automatic that I forget the big picture. Each task gets its hooks in me. I’m like Gulliver, tied down by thousands of little ropes (did that even happen in his travels?).

But, alas, a breakthrough. I step back. Several steps. Maybe a mile or two. Perhaps even a nap. I see the work for what it really is. It’s a mountain. There’s only one way up. It doesn’t matter which path I take. They all lead to the same place: the top.

I pick a path, and go with it. With just a little bit of progress I gain perspective and, more importantly, a sense of fulfillment and the momentum to conquer the other stuff awaiting my attention. Onwards.