When you’re a creator, you often find yourself alone with your blank canvas. There’s no starting point, ending point, and no dots to connect. That paralysis, regardless of the stage of your endeavor, is one of the most isolating, disenchanting experiences in the creative cycle.

You. Your idea. Everything is possible, nothing is done. I have one word of advice for anyone like me who gets hung up at these cliffs: start.

Put the pen to paper, start coding, or start talking with your prospective audience. Do the dirty work. Or do the easy work. Anything to get you moving. It may all be garbage you throw out later on. That’s fine. It’s kindling, it’s grease, it’s a runway. Just like that ‘ugh’ feeling you have getting your bag-a-bones out of bed to jog in the morning, creative productivity needs a kick in the ass. Start.