Additions to the Mammoth Line Up

We Are Mammoth is coming up on its eighth year as a company, a team, and a mission. Over the years, we’ve grown, shrunk, and evolved. As always, with each team member who joins our ranks, along with folks who move on to other opportunities, our fabric augments to reflect the new characters and dynamic. It’s always a refreshing experience to see who our company becomes. In the case of our newest team members, two out of three are actually remote! That’s been a trend for We Are Mammoth for almost three years now. By the end of 2014, a majority of the We Are Mammoth team will be remote working from other parts of the country.

New Mammoths: Josh, Kevin, and Alana.
New Mammoths: Josh, Kevin, and Alana.

Josh Yurich

Josh hails from the agency world. Most recently he was a business development executive at Smith. He’s joining us to run business development and client relationships under the title of Director of Client Development. A little about Josh? He’s a drummer. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has 4 kids, the oldest of whom is 5 years old (yeah, do the math). He really has a thing for pork, and he could strike up a heated conversation with a dusty bowling ball. He’s that good a talker.

Kevin Korpi

Kevin joins us as Design Director. He has quite the pedigree. Most recently, he’s worked at Google designing the Android OS. In earlier iterations, Kevin has been on the Kindle Fire team at Amazon, and he also ran the product design team at Contour. Kevin? He’s a proud, new dad. He lives in Seattle, WA and he’s got some killer photography of his single-track bike and back-country snowboarding travails (and incredibly cute baby daughter). He’s a bass player (this isn’t true, actually), and he has piercing blue eyes that’ll burn two holes right through your soul.

Alana Martin

Alana joins us as Office Manager. Since Kin has been live, her predecessor, Lindsay, has been running one too many rings in our three ring circus here. Alana has stepped in like an exacting surgeon and has taken over most of the administrative duties our shop needs. Alana? She’s a Chicago native with a background in human resources. She’s a soft spoken doer of deeds. And I mean that. There’s scant another team member that can rattle off as many crushed tasks as she does at our daily stand up.  She’s also really, seriously into pizza. And don’t threaten her with a deep-dish. That’s not pizza.