A Guy Named Tom: 7 Years and Counting

We Are Mammoth has been around since 2006, and today we celebrated a milestone with our longest tenured team member, Tom Stanley. Tom’s been around for seven of our eight years – through ups, downs, recessions, Flash, office moves, and rambunctious team trips to Austin, TX.

Tom "The Rock" Stanley at his battle station.
Tom “The Rock” Stanley at his battle station.

A slice of everything We Are mammoth

In our daily stand up today, we shared how Tom’s a slice of everything our company has been through. He started as a Flex/Flash developer building apps for the ad world. He then moved into very data-heavy app development for the workplace/financial world. Flash and Flex dropped off the map, and .NET and web standards-based UI became Tom’s next technology frontier. He’s been here as our clients and other team members have come and gone – and he’s still plugging away, helping mentor new team members and making us proud of our heritage.

Awesomest quotes from Tom’s bio in Kin

“For a very brief moment I thought I wanted to be a professional font designer. I have Fontographer and FontLab on my old Mac, and for a very large fee, I can convert YOUR handwriting into a custom font.”

“I’m into recording music, and have a bunch of old-ass recording equipment. I can calibrate your tape deck if needed.”

“One time while flying, I sat next to a guy that was a professional horse race announcer. He flew all over, calling horse races. He was one of the famous announcer guys that could talk lightning fast… “Here they come spinning out of the turn”. So we talked a bunch. That reminds me – I need to go see a horse race sometime.”

Leading from the trenches

Tom’s been a great team member since day one. I can reach back to every major launch or release we’ve had, and Tom has been right there to ensure things go well, or to just simply be there because he’s proud of what the team has accomplished and wanted to help celebrate the moment. That’s what makes Tom the awesome guy that he is – always present, willing to help, and appreciated by everyone he works with.

Tom, thanks for seven great years! Keep on rockin’.