Hello, Lisa: Introducing Our First Marketing Director

We welcomed Lisa DiVirgilio to the team just a couple of weeks ago. She’s joining as our Marketing Director and one of the first assignments she assigned herself was a way to introduce new team members to our team, clients, and the public. Without further ado, heeeeeere’s Lisa!   

Lisa DiVirgilio, Marketing Director at WAM


Name: Lisa DiVirgilio (@lisadivirgilio)
Team: We Are Mammoth, Kin, DoneDone
Role: Marketing Director
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite place to eat/drink/chill: I have a deep love for hot chicken, a Nashville specialty. Some of my favorite places to grab it are at Bolton’s Hot Chicken or Pepperfire. I also am pretty dependent on iced Cuban lattes from Crema. When I need to relax I usually take a drive to Love Circle, a small park at the top of a steep hill overlooking Nashville. The amount of the city you can see from there is spectacular, and I’m a sucker for a good view.


When I started talking to We Are Mammoth about coming in as their first marketing hire in the company’s history, the major question I had was, “Without a marketing team, how did you grow?”

The answer was simple: They relied on their work’s reputation, personal networks and great customers to spread the word. That response caused instant attraction for me: these were folks doing good work with good partners and it was paying off.

Luckily, they liked me, too. The position immediately feels like home because it’s inherently who I am and what I’ve done for a majority of my career. I have close to five years of SaaS product marketing and operations experience from previously running an HR tech start-up. Just before arriving here, I was responsible for directing social strategy for large national and global restaurant brands.

I also really enjoy a good bowl of ramen, which I’m told will definitely help me fit right in.

Being the first of anything isn’t easy, but it is exhilarating. In my role, I’ll be highlighting the work we are doing right now and identifying companies and brands we can help in the future. The best part is, I’ll be working with all of WAM’s brands, which means I get to work some marketing magic into each one of them guaranteeing no two days will ever be the same.

My future team and I will ultimately be responsible for ensuring we are attracting the right partners to WAM: folks who are positively impacting the world and the workforce, one day at a time.

I’m proud to be joining a company that’s grown primarily from word-of-mouth – it means what we’ve built is serving our customers well. And I’m excited to continue to grow the WAMily in more ways than one. Cheers!