WAM Turns 10, and Yes, We’re Having a Celebration

When I think of 10 years, I think of the killer birthday parties that I experienced at that age. It was a big deal. Your family kept you alive for a decade. It’s time to celebrate.

While I’m new to the WAMily myself, our 10-year birthday is this month. That’s 10 years since Craig and Ka Wai sat down, wrote a mission statement, and decided to keep moving forward. That’s 10 years since they persuaded Mike to leave his stable and good-paying contract work to come help grow a company in its infancy. And, that’s 10 years since they created a fun and inspiring place to work for dozens of team members just like me.

Ten years translates into a lot of stories and memories that got us all here today. Some you may know, some probably haven’t seen the light of day for good reason. We plan on sharing them all.

Over the next month, our founders will be reflecting on our journey to 10. Past and present team members and clients will be joining in on the fun, too. It’s going to be a walk down memory lane for all of us.

And hey, while you’re here, sit down, eat some cake and share your memories using the hashtag #WAMTurns10 on Twitter – it’ll be the easiest way to keep a collection of everything we uncover this month.

Now that you’re ready to party, let’s kick it off with a few of our favorite pictures over the years:

July 2016's Team Photo (Minus a few of us)


Craig, Lana and Lindsay



A day at the museum

Happy birthday, Ameer!

Baby Mikah