Our Top Posts Of 2016: Developers, Project Managers, Nirvana, and Hiring Into Boundaries

This past year, we took on challenges, both failed and triumphant. We redefined where we want to be in the future, laid out the strategy to get there, and shared our lessons learned over the past decade we’ve been in business.

We’re on a mission to design and build software for organizations to improve and transform our world. You’ve worked with us, chatted with us on Twitter, read our blog, and made this year worth sharing. With thousands of reads across our posts, we’ve discovered the stories you care about most.

#1 A Good Developer Is A Better Project Manager


Written in 2011, this post was our top-read blog of 2016. Craig wrote about positioning your development team where the client can see them.

While it’s interesting to see things shift, what’s important is that our developers still play a key role in client communication, and with that, some things will never change.

Learn more about how your developers will make good use of your client’s time.



In 2013, co-founder of WAM, developer of DoneDone, and author of The Developer’s Code, Ka Wai, wrote about an inevitability in the career of a modern coder – the moment you finally let go of the idea that your code will be perfect.

Ka Wai called this a “programmer’s nirvana.” While it’s a hard pill to swallow, he’s right. What Ka Wai is really talking about is your work having purpose over perfection.

Read more about why you should start enjoying making “dirty” coding decisions.

#3 Hiring Into Boundaries


Making it into 2016 by just eleven days, Ka Wai’s post on how companies should hire is a must read for anyone tasked with hiring folks.

Sometimes a role isn’t fleshed out and it evolves past the experience of the person you hired. Ka Wai dives into how we failed on our first round of hires outside of our development core and what we’ve discovered works best since we’ve made these mistakes.

Read on about finding the right person for those somewhat-vague positions.

Did we write anything this year that struck a chord with you? Was there a quote that you’ve heard ringing in your ears since you’ve read it? Send us a note and let us know.