Since 2006, we’ve strived to build a company that prioritizes team awareness over maverickism, practicality over technological whiz-bangs, and empowerment over bureaucracy. We’ve grown and shrunk, evolved and improved over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: our determination to be an excellent company to work with. That takes discipline.

Because we’re a remote team spread across 16 states, it’s incredibly important to make everything about working with We Are Mammoth efficient and valuable. Communication, uptime, and being inquisitive about the needs of others (clients, coworkers, etc.) are all ways we ensure we’re doing what it takes to be a great partner to employees and clients alike. We do what we can as employers to make everyone, regardless of geography, feel welcome and dialed in to our company’s mission. Likewise, we’ve put very practical coworker values in place to help our employees know what it takes to be an excellent team member that transcends our physical borders.

We’re a growing company armed with the mission of improving the world through the software we build with our clients. If you’re a designer, a tinkerer, an engineer, or a project manager looking to join a team spread across the U.S, please drop us a line.