Craig Bryant


Life’s a climb, but the view is great.

Craig’s zigzagged his way through life. Once a bass aficionado studying music in Boston, he packed his bags for Germany where he fell in love with his future wife and building Flash applications. He came back to the states and met his would-be future co-founder at a Flash meetup in Chicago. Craig is a father, husband, cyclist, and (in his own words) a professional maker of more work to do. Why more work? Craig is a believer that more technology isn't the answer. In fact, the world needs less of it and more understanding of how it should be used to accelerate better futures for our kids, our industries, and mother nature. That ethos is what drives him to lead the charge at We Are Mammoth.

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Chicago, IL


Founder and CEO

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Pro cycling

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Video call

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Trail-blazing adventure

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Giardiniera, duh.