When I First Learned About the Impact of Design

It’s the first official day of spring which means baseball season is just a couple of weeks away.  The smell of freshly cut grass and the feel of sticky summer days will be here soon. Spring reminds me about the time during my youth when I first learned about the impact of design in a rather unexpected way. In grade … Continued

Who builds the web?

Considering the massive amount of time many of us spend using websites and apps for both work and play, isn’t it a wonder how foreign the process of actually creating those tools can seem to most people who aren’t directly involved in the tech industry? The truth is that building websites is complex, but it … Continued

#MindMatters: Weaving the Web

About this month’s #MindMatters spokesperson Name: Paul Kizior Team: We Are Mammoth Consulting Role: Back-end developer Location: Seattle, Washington Favorite place to eat/chill/drink: Now that the weather’s getting nice again, one of my favorite ways to relax is to go for a walk along the Puget Sound in the park near my apartment. When it’s a … Continued

What Long Hours Really Mean

In the tech and design sectors there’s a lot of folks working long hours, like 70+ hours a week. There’s a certain badge-of-honor-martyr-complex-thing that comes along with it. But let’s set the record straight. Here’s what long hours really mean:

What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do

We worked on Kin for about a year. On July 10th, the world got its fingers on it and the real work began. The constant flow of support emails, testing, designing, discussing, demoing, and strategizing has left me feeling … unproductive.

Culture Matters, Prestige Does Not

Many designers, myself included, have thought, “Oh, that studio does such great work! I would love to work there.” But what does that even mean? It means they have a track-record of doing excellent work, which is great and respectable. But who’s done the great work? The people that work there. So say you actually … Continued

You Owe It To Yourself To Move On

Selling off the best hours of the best years of your life is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make (and remake). Assuming you aren’t independently wealthy, it’s likely you need to do some sort of work-for-money exchange. Many of us working in tech and design have the incredible privilege of doing work we … Continued

The Absence of Effect

I saw blues guitarist Jimmy Vaughn play the other night. He’s the slightly older brother of Stevie Ray Vaughn (who died in 1990). In almost comical contrast to his brother’s flare for the dramatic, Jimmy’s style is luddite. He often depends on a single finger on the fret board, the rest of his hand wandering … Continued

The Lay of the Digital Design Land

Students and junior designers have been on my mind a lot lately. It seems many, if not most, are struggling with the changing design landscape. Their college education or limited experience pigeon holes them into traditional graphic design disciplines like print and identity design. The problem is, there aren’t jobs available doing these disciplines anymore. … Continued

Change Your Venue, Increase Your Creativity

Changing venues for you and your work is a critical part of discovery and creation. I imagine Neil Armstrong probably felt this in his bones. The next time you hit a rut with a piece of work, uproot it and yourself, it’ll give you a fresh perspective from that ‘somewhere else’. Heck, maybe pick up … Continued