Where the Software Ends

Where does your software end? It wasn’t that long ago when the answer for me was simple. Software ended at the limitations of its own reach. At my first job out of college, I didn’t have access to my work email unless I was at work. I didn’t have a laptop to take home to … Continued

Shining the Spotlight on Stage Crew Software

If you write code for a living, you’ve probably dreamt of building the next great SaaS app. What makes it the next great thing? A product with ten million users is surely successful. One with ten million in profit is even better. Most of the glory in software these days belong to the internet darlings with the … Continued

A Maker’s Approach to Managing Projects

On the spectrum of what Paul Graham would call makers versus managers, I’m as far to the maker’s side as one can be. I’ve always had a penchant for creating things. Managing, by contrast, has never felt natural to me. So, when it comes to managing a project, I do things a little out of the norm—with what I’ll … Continued

#IMadeThis: A Beer App All About Hops

Here at We Are Mammoth, we like to celebrate our team’s accomplishments both in and out of work. Grant has been with us for more than five years and is one of our most accomplished back-end engineers. Outside of work, Grant took up the hobby of homebrewing and decided that he would combine his love for … Continued

Who builds the web?

Considering the massive amount of time many of us spend using websites and apps for both work and play, isn’t it a wonder how foreign the process of actually creating those tools can seem to most people who aren’t directly involved in the tech industry? The truth is that building websites is complex, but it … Continued

Creating a Sidebar of Categories and Posts in WordPress

Recently, I was tasked with revamping the navigation on an internal WordPress site. Previously, the navigation was a hard-coded series of unordered lists and nested unordered lists on the homepage. Here’s an example of a single category and its subcontent: Mammal Dog Border Collies Pembroke Welsh Corgis Fox Mammal would be a top-level category in … Continued

Remembering The Rabbits: A Fond Farewell to Flash

Next month, Chrome will no longer support the Adobe Flash player. They’ll join Firefox and Safari in the long-drawn-out death of a technology that was once a centerpiece of the World Wide Web. For many, the end of Flash fosters the same sense of relief that the end of, say, IE6 does. There is much rejoicing for a technology … Continued

A Guy Named Tom: 7 Years and Counting

We Are Mammoth has been around since 2006, and today we celebrated a milestone with our longest tenured team member, Tom Stanley. Tom’s been around for seven of our eight years – through ups, downs, recessions, Flash, office moves, and rambunctious team trips to Austin, TX. A slice of everything We Are mammoth In our daily stand up … Continued

Quiet Please: The Benefits of Online Chat in the Workplace

On any particular Tuesday morning, a stock trading pit of yesteryear roared under the calamitous din of raspy vocal cords. In emergency rooms, you’ll hear the sounds of shrill cries intermixed with the mundanity of machine beeps and cartwheel squeaks. In a restaurant kitchen, there is something searing, something clanking, someone yelling. In a normal … Continued