We don’t do book clubs. We do chain gangs.

We’re not calling it a book club. No, no. We’re calling it a chain gang. The We Are Mammoth team collectively recalled there was life before Game of Thrones, and it was littered with books. Beautiful, tangible literature one can hold in hand. So we’re embarking on reading some of them together. Once a month.

Is LeBron James the King of Marketing?

LeBron James is going to announce which team he plans on signing with in a 1-hour, ESPN special airing this Thursday at 8pm Central time. Along with the announcement, he wants to sell commercial airtime for the special. His share of the proceeds is going to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Whether you … Continued

We Are Mammoth Banter, 10/21/2009

Let it be known …. the following t’was once written as standard communication at We Are Mammoth: Great question. I’d say, the ones that have eyebrows should have a consistent height and the ones that don’t should have a consistent height. Lemme know if that makes sense.

The internet circa 1999

I ran across a clip from a short film produced in 1967 called “1999 AD”. Some pretty accurate predictions regarding the internet here along with the very common inaccurate assumption that there would be little-to-no change to any societal norms.

When ‘spooky’ describes science, is it still scientific?

I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious and pop-science appeal of quantum physics and it’s particle ‘spin’. These little tiny photons and such will stop ‘spinning’ when you look at them and pick a state (or, I guess, pick all of them at the same time?), or even explode if you put two of ’em … Continued

Homerun for Flash. Doh!

MLB boots silverlight, and embraces our dear ol’ friend once again …. someone decided the 99% browser penetration of the Flash Player might make for a good business strategy over the buggy, sluggy, locked down Microsoft Silverlight plug in that was once rumored to have crashed the moon.

Test this post from Live Writer

Was always wondering how I could write a post while offline. This is a quick test using Live Writer from Microsoft. I have a funny suspicion that when I post, it’s gonna say Ka Wai wrote it. I’m Craig though, and that’s what hurts.