Where the Software Ends

Where does your software end? It wasn’t that long ago when the answer for me was simple. Software ended at the limitations of its own reach. At my first job out of college, I didn’t have access to my work email unless I was at work. I didn’t have a laptop to take home to … Continued

A Maker’s Approach to Managing Projects

On the spectrum of what Paul Graham would call makers versus managers, I’m as far to the maker’s side as one can be. I’ve always had a penchant for creating things. Managing, by contrast, has never felt natural to me. So, when it comes to managing a project, I do things a little out of the norm—with what I’ll … Continued

The Need For Speed

In the race bike world, the more you pay the less you get. That’s by design. Bike manufacturers work tirelessly to develop ever lighter materials and shave weight from any remaining components still made of metal.  It’s all in the effort to increase speed. The drive to lighter, faster, stronger is time intensive and the … Continued

Forget Inspiration, Go For This Instead

Inspiration is a challenging thing. It wanes and waxes like the moon, only there is no natural schedule for inspiration to come and go. Inspiration often feels like a blue moon in the distance, an unobtainable brass ring letting us move forward with our day, our work, or our next step in life. Inspiration, while … Continued

How To Actually Make A New Year’s Resolution Work

Every year people across the globe set goals that are too high, not broken into smaller steps to help them achieve it and feel satisfaction along the way, and signs it all off neatly to the point where failure is not an option. When put this way, it seems pretty obvious why new year’s resolutions don’t … Continued

How To Be Better At Brainstorming

A meeting invite pops up for a brainstorming session a week down the line and you accept. You know about the topic, project or problem, so not too much prep is involved before you enter it. A week later, you walk in and sit for an hour with your colleagues to generate ideas. Some of your … Continued

10 lessons in 10 years

When looking back on a decade in business, it’s easy to get sentimental. One can’t help but think of all the ups and downs a decade will bring, especially when your business is in the ever-evolving digital space. We’ve grown. We’ve diversified. We’ve hired to support that growth and made some great friends along the … Continued

StratOp: Turning The Whys Into Whats

As Craig reflected in our first post, our company has matured over our first ten years. We can better articulate what makes us successful after working with hundreds of people and projects. We know what kind of work and what kind of relationships we want to sustain for the next ten years. But, something else happened to our company during that decade too. For the first … Continued

The Mythical Couch-Lift

As my brother and I have gotten older, we’ve taken up some chores around my parents’ home that they can no longer safely do themselves. One of these chores is moving furniture around. This near-annual routine goes something like this: My parents live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It rains a lot in the summer. Their basement … Continued