“It’s not about
the code you
write, it’s about
the code you
live by.”

A decade ago, the programming industry was nothing like it is today. We found an opportunity to shine a spotlight on an industry largely in the dark.


Ever since we started We Are Mammoth in 2006, we’ve been sharing ideas for how development ought to work. Within our first three years, we’d successfully built a thriving software consultancy and released our popular issue tracker, DoneDone, to the masses.

WAM opens its doors


Profitability reached



DoneDone launches


WAM becomes a remote company


The Developer’s Code published



Kin launches


Back then, there were no fly-by-night code bootcamps. Developers weren’t famous. Celebrities didn’t pitch the merits of programming. The image of a programmer was that of an awkward outcast furiously typing away in a stark computer lab. Boy, how things changed.

Flashback collage

Finding a Need

As programming’s popularity skyrocketed, so did the gap between learning to code and becoming a real-world programmer.

Finding a Need

Our co-founder, Ka Wai Cheung, had a mission: To bridge that gap for others with the lessons we already learned.

The Book

Published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf in 2012, The Developer’s Code is a collection of advice for programmers outside of the code.

The Developer's Code

Sample Chapters

The Details

50 Essays

on motivation, productivity, complexity, teaching, working with clients and more.

Published in 5 languages

Published in 5 languages: English, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Korean and Japanese.


copies sold (paperback, ebook, audiobook)

Excerpt from “Defining The Modern-Day Programmer”

“I am a nonaccredited, overly logical psychologist, therapist, mechanic, diplomat, businessman, working in an industry that is still defining itself each and every day. That is as concise a definition I can give for the modern-day programmer.”

Derek Sivers

“The next Pragmatic Programmer. A guide for the beginner, a reminder for the expert. A wonderful chunk of wisdom about the craft (and life) of a developer.”

Derek Sivers Founder of CD Baby

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