Good brands stand the test of time, and that's exactly what the We Are Mammoth brand has done since 2006.

It's quirky and tongue in cheek. It's meaningful–we chose it to describe our small company doing big things. And big things we did–from building tech to enable thousands of people around the world to sing together for AIDS awareness to building two new companies, Kin and DoneDone, that've become stand alone businesses. The vision of We Are Mammoth is what convinced me to leave the corporate slog to pave my own way. That's why it's bittersweet to announce that we're saying goodbye to the We Are Mammoth name.

The simplest reason I can give for this decision is that it's time. We've been rebuilding the company since 2017–with different ownership and people, and a closer alignment of purpose and work. We didn't outgrow the name per se; it just doesn't describe who we are any more. To continue our mission, it's become necessary to get everybody working under the same umbrella. Kin is that umbrella.

Moving forward, both of our businesses - our small business flagship product,, and our enterprise workplace consulting team are unified as one company called Kin. Every team member at this company builds tools to improve the employee experience, whether it's for a fortune 500 company with tens of thousands of employees, or a craft brewery with fifteen team members. We are Kin.

I remember my kids in We Are Mammoth onesies. I remember our beautiful office in Chicago, where the WAM logo apparently still flies on the facade. There were ups and downs, and heartbreaks and launch days. I'll miss calling our team the WAMily. Alas, it's time.

I'm grateful for your support of We Are Mammoth over the years, from clients to employees to fellow entrepreneurs offering up their own lessons. You're what made WAM count. I hope you'll follow our journey forward as Kin.

Goodbye We Are Mammoth, my friend and creation. Hello Kin, our future and mission.

Craig Bryant

Founder, We Are Mammoth and Kin

To learn more about Kin, please head over to our new and succinct home at