Today’s problems are tomorrow’s ventures.

We’re a multi-disciplinary venture studio building high-impact digital products and companies. Here’s a sneak peek into what that means.

Digital Business Strategy

Ideas are our currency.

We’re an idea manufacturer. We hunt for problems in a variety of conventional industries where we have yet to see software reach its fullest potential. We also partner with companies who’ve identified problems in their space that need help discovering what viable solutions might look like. Some ideas will float; others will sink. The ones that come to the surface become our starting point for building a great company and move along our process chain.


  • Market and industry research
  • Customer experience journeys
  • Design sprints
  • Lean/BOS canvassing sessions
  • Digital DNA workshops

Technology Research and Invention

  • Research and testing in early adopter technologies


  • Product pricing strategies
  • Social community engagement
  • Customer support playbooks
  • Product and marketing copy strategy

Success metrics

  • Business objectives measured through analytics
  • Continuous user feedback

Digital Business Strategy

We build out ideas to find what soars.

We assemble a small, nimble team of designers, engineers, strategists, and subject-matter experts to put structure around promising ideas. This means rapidly building a viable, secure, and memorable digital experience. It also means designing an inspiring brand and visual identity. Through iterations (on the order of weeks, not months), we move ideas into the marketplace to accurately forecast which work best in practice.

Brand and Identity

  • Strategy
  • Logos and marks
  • Iconography
  • Visual design templates
  • Style guides

Product Design

  • User experience design
  • UI design
  • Art direction

Rapid Prototyping

  • Build
  • Test
  • Improve

Digital Business Strategy

We scale the pieces when they’re needed.

As viable ideas begin to flourish, we start scaling the right pieces at the right time. Depending on an idea’s strengths, this means accelerating a unique combination of technical infrastructure, feature offerings, marketing approaches, partnerships, alliances, and external funding. We also know how to get resourceful. It’s how we’ve turned two of our own ideas into profitable businesses on our own dime.


  • Native mobile application development
 (iOS, Android, Xamarin)
  • Database design
  • User analytics
  • Back-end Engineering (APIs, Business Logic)
  • Front-end Engineering

Support Engineering

  • Ongoing feature development
  • Technical support
  • Customer support


  • Managed hosting (virtual and dedicated)
  • Network and application design
  • Security testing and monitoring
  • Scalability

Digital Business Strategy

We produce mission-driven companies.

But, software and the brand itself isn’t our end game. We’re in the business of shipping companies. As CTOs, CEOs, marketers, mentors, and operational specialists ourselves, we’ve built the teams critical to a company's success. As the products we’ve groomed are ready to move outside of our organization, we vet, hire, and train the right leaders to move the company and its mission forward.

Virtual CTO/CPO

We provide ongoing advisory-level roles as interim chief executive, technology and product officers for our nascent portfolio companies and clients.

Operations and customer support

Good operations beget happy teams. Happy teams build great products. Great products have great support. It’s one big operational cycle, and we ensure it’s all up and running before a product hits the market.

Team building

We build, train, grow, and manage the future teams our portfolio companies and clients will need as they transition out of the We Are Mammoth nest.