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In 2012, we set out to create a company focused solely on helping a small business like ours design a better HR experience. Four years later, Kin has made that happen for over 350 other businesses.

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The Backstory

Five years after we began We Are Mammoth, we realized we weren't just three-dudes-in-a-room anymore. Onboarding. Reviews. Paid time-off. Feedback. Signed paperwork. These were all our responsibilities now. We could talk the talk, but could we walk the walk? At times, we were tripping over our own two feet.

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As a company grows, usually the newest employees feel the biggest pain points. We wanted to create a system that helps companies with the oft-forgotten piece of the growth puzzle—the employee experience.

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  2. Meeting with Manager
  3. Discipline overviews
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The Idea for Kin was Born

The Idea for Kin was Born

Kin, the company, officially launched in the summer of 2013. We've grown the idea into a profitable business.


Our Ideas. Our Voice.

Our Ideas. Our Voice.

We're not just builders, we have strong opinions about how HR works best inside a small business.

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The Application

The Application

Comprehensive PTO, employee files, company-wide calendar, HR tasks, e-signable documents, employee objectives and reviews, reporting, and more.

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“KinHR is for Operations like InVision is for Designers, and I could not imagine working without it.”

Chris Quinn

Founder and
Director of Operations

The Company

The Company

Our designers, developers, and support team are entirely in-house.

Few Spirits



We shared our ideas with several thriving small businesses in Chicago who shared similar growing pains. Their stories became the backdrop to our launch campaign.

The Product

Customers love Kin’s fluid design and interactions. Coupled with a robust backend and public API, we’re helping teams build a friendly, welcoming HR experience.

Progress Report

The past four years have been an incredible journey. Here's what Kin's helped companies around the world accomplish.



small companies use Kin to help run their business smoothly



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Smashing Boxes

“Kin turned HR into true professional development for our company and our employees.”

Joel Fleming

Smashing Boxes

Ambient Media

“Kin streamlined everything for us and added some legitimacy to what we were doing. It also gave us a launching pad of motivation to further develop some HR policies.”

Matt Cole

Ambient Media

Let us help you build your business

We’re proud of turning a pain point into an idea, and an idea into its own company. Let us make use of that expertise to help you wherever you’re at in your lifecycle.