Little Bird, a NYC-based, early-stage HR tech company, has dreams to impact the world around them that are anything but ‘little’. Since 2014, they have carved out a niche focusing their attention and problem solving skills on the very specific and sometimes hard-to-wrangle HR needs for the charter school and private education space. Because of their team’s varied backgrounds in charter school education and associated legal matters, they bring a wealth of knowledge to bear.

When it comes to technology platforms, especially in the competitive space of HR, there are a lot of option to choose from, from large enterprise platforms on down to silicon valley startups. The challenge that Little Bird is solving for though is that none of the existing platforms cater to the nuanced needs of the fast-growing charter school industry.

Working in short, efficient design sprints, we designed the entire Little Bird customer software experience for its primary users: administrators, employees and job applicants. The final product strategy, UX/UI design, visual design, and resulting prototypes are the first step forward for Little Bird’s next generation software platform, and it’s giving them a great foot forward in their talks with investment and acquisition suitors.