PriceSmart is the largest operator of membership warehouse clubs in Latin America and the Caribbean, with over 800,000 membership accounts and 1mm+ cardholders. They operate 40 clubs in 13 countries and support it all with an online eCommerce shopping experience.

The homegrown, proprietary .NET eCommerce platform that powers PriceSmart’s shopping experience has been pieced together over the years utilizing various partners and internal resources. That’s created challenges like fragmented code bases, a testing process void of critical security and testing best practices, and a lack of uniformity across payment gateways and processes resulting in loss of revenue and customer loyalty.

We began our engagement by benchmarking PriceSmart’s infrastructure and user experience on the eCommerce platform. We then performed exhaustive code audits to identify the improvements that would provide the most value across revenue, security, and performance. Our initial work yielded 30x quicker site deployment times (two hours per build, down to just 4 minutes), and almost entirely eliminated the frequent outages plaguing their online business. We also ensured that the code being released to production was better vetted, through both an automated testing routine and staging environments in which to perform customer and performance testing prior to production releases. Finally, WAM worked directly with the client’s payment gateway partners to stabilize and improve customer credit card authorization and capture rates, which increased sales and lowered cart abandonment rates.

In just one year of working with PriceSmart, We Are Mammoth’s contributions have made significant improvements across all critical channels of customer experience, performance, and security, all the while reducing thousands of dollars of monthly hard costs for PriceSmart due to our infrastructure improvements.